Organizational Changes

October 1st, 2014 by

A message from Co-Founder Charles: About 2 weeks ago, Isaac and I were discussing the go forward strategy for FNF, and came to the conclusion to restructure things pretty drastically. The result is a fully Austin based team, and Isaac/Tyrone leaving daily operations and re-align to a strategic/oversight role as board members. So we now have a KC based board, and an Austin based leadership team. I’m very pleased to announce a brand new leadership team with this post, which I believe will allow the FNF to much better deliver on it’s mission going forward. For those who don’t know, our mission statement is as follows:

The Free Network Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides operators around the world with essential infrastructure for the realization and support of free networks. We engineer tools and develop educational resources to facilitate the deployment of resilient, responsive, and accessible networks.

So without any further ado:

1) Charles Wyble is Executive Director of the Free Network Foundation. I will report to the board of directors, and will be succeeding Isaac Wilder in this role. We wish Isaac all the best in his future endeavors. Isaac will remain on the board of directors, and will continue to advise and mentor the leadership team, particularly in the areas of non profit growth/development and legal compliance. However he will no longer be involved in daily operations or implementation of strategy.

I am responsible for overall leadership of FNF, delivery of mission output (FreedomStack kit and educational materials), and fundraising. I’ll be meeting with the board on a weekly basis, to cover progress against Key Performance Indicators related to program development and fundraising.

2) Patti Wyble is VP of operations and will be running the FNF on a day to day basis. She will be succeeding Tyrone in this role. We wish Tyrone all the best in his future endeavors. Tyrone will also remain on the board and serve as an invaluable expert on our corporate governance and compliance. Patti is responsible for all aspects of the business operations and administration, and in ensuring legal/financial and other aspects of compliance and “keeping the lights on”. She reports to the board of directors. She has an extensive background in business administration , budgeting, compliance, personnel management etc. She is acting head of HR/accounting and my primary liaison with our legal team.

3) Matthew House is VP program development and will be overseeing all aspects of our mission output that aren’t related to their technical implementation. He has proved very valuable to the organization already. He has worked extensively on things like the FNF installer document ( https://commons.thefnf.org/index.php/SoYouWantToBeANodeInstaller ) and the broad requirements for FreedomStack and AutoTunnel/AutoNoc, which provide guidelines to our implementation folks.

He is tasked over the next 90 days with producing the “FreeNetwork Steward Policies, Procedures, Ethics” course , and overseeing user acceptance testing and other non technical aspects of program design and delivery (QA, webmaster, installer videos etc). I’ve been working very closely with him over the last several months to build a comprehensive program design and management strategy and deep competency at FNF (which we were sorely lacking). His efforts in this area have been innumerable, and I’m deeply humbled and pleased to be working with such top tier talent.  He reports to Patti with a dotted line to me.

4) Josef Chessor is VP program delivery. I’ve worked very closely with him since the founding of the FNF, and he has been a close adviser and friend, along with a fantastic technology resource. He has helped me build multiple iterations of the FNF lab and has served as an implementation expert for many aspects of the FreedomStack program. He also reports to Patti, with a dotted line to me. I will be working very closely with Joe over the next several weeks as we become very focused on delivering our mission outputs.

So what are the specific outputs that I am responsible for delivery by December 20th 2014?

        * Working implementation of Hearth: (AutoTunnel,AutoNoc,Business Data Store, Network Data Store) and a QMP spin which works with those components
        * Hardware Compatibility List and overall guidelines for hardware selection
        * Reference implementation of the Stack and Hearth that people can download and utilize
        * Increase month over month cash flow to 1500.00

Expect some more announcements from me and others on my staff in the next few days and weeks.

Thank you everyone for reading. Charles Wyble

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