KC Update

October 1st, 2013 by

Wrote up and turned in some paperwork to Jerry Greenfield and Elizabeth
Skarie Foundation. We’re on track to receive a grant of 10k, which will
cover our most basic operating expenses for the year, but certainly does
not remove us from needing funds. Still some good news though. I’ve also
been emailing a bit with our contact at Dazed. They’re going to try to
help us with both PR (e.g. creation of press kit materials) and
fundraising when Isaac meets with them next week.

I’ve begun talking with Catherine Kelly/Archer Foundation in KC about
future collaborations. What we’ve talked about so far involved finding
backhaul solutions for an East Side computer lab where classes would be
offered (by them, but hopefully this could include Dojo programming down
the road). I have not made any specific promises yet and we have no
committments, but I think they are a good group to collaborate with, as
long as to do so does not unnecessarily distract from ongoing work.
Archer Foundation is the family foundation of John Darbyshire, a KC tech
entrepreneur whose Archer Technologies became successful from developing
enterprise governance, risk, and compliance software.

Reading Gordon’s new Report, which is excellent. Hopefully it will be
published to this list soon.


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