Free Network Definition / Freedoms 2.0 – restoring consistency

October 11th, 2014 by


We’ve received quite a bit of feedback regarding the “four freedoms”
and FND being inconsistent. The various versions became inconsistent due
to a prolonged, convoluted and disjointed editorial process that spanned
multiple continents, months of time and almost 20 people.

Our apologies for any confusion this has caused.

At this time the wiki has been updated to reflect the
version as defined at top of NCL. They are:

* You have the right to join the network, and the responsibility to
extend this set of rights to anyone, under these same conditions.
* You have the right to understand the network, to know its
components, and to spread knowledge of its elements and principles.
* You have the right to offer services and content to the network on
your own terms.
* You have the freedom to use the network for any purpose as long as
you don’t harm the operation of the network itself, the rights of other
participants, or the principles of neutrality that allow contents and
services to flow without deliberate interference.

Please find it online here:


Thank you.

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