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On Friday, Clint and I provided technical support for an event at the
Mutual Musicians Foundation. The event, a celebration of late KC tenor
saxophone legend Ben Webster, was a project of the Society for the
Prevention of Unnecessary Demolition (SPUD), which works in primarily
the Jazz District of KCMO to educate people about the historical and
cultural importance of the cityscape around them. We helped SPUD to set
up and record a skype call (over the KCFN) with the Ben Webster
Foundation in Copenhagen, that was played at the MMF later in the day
due to the time difference. The event went off very well, and it was
exciting to use the KCFN for the project. Hopefully next time we do
something like this we’ll be able to try out more advanced network
functionality and free software as well, but in this case we didn’t have
enough time to be as experimental as we might like. But I think it
served as a demonstration of one way the KCFN can help connect people
both locally and across the world.

Working hard right now on this engineering study, as well as other loose
ends to wrap before Isaac leaves town (Thurs the 26) for the summit in
Berlin. Really trying to incorporate the importance of education and
decentralized control into the document. I’ve been looking at the
documentation on Commotion Wireless’ and Detroit Digital Justice
Coalition’s Detroit project lately, since I think that initiative is
remarkably similar to our in many aspects of goals and scope. I would
love to know what others think of the documentation materials they have
put out so far (some of which I’ve linked at the bottom of this
message). Also curious if anyone has had first hand experience of their
project in Detroit lately, especially of their operator training
(“Digital Stewards”).

LPFM project with the MMF is moving forward too, as we move closer to
securing a physical location. More details on that in coming days.

Some commotionXdetroit links for your perusal, so y’all can help us know
what to replicate and what to do differently, both in marketing and
documenting the work we do:


http://colorlines.com/archives/2012/10/detroit_mesh_networks.html (3rd
party article abt the project)
http://cassco.co/ (site for one of the community networks)


(includes some build documentation)


(operator training)


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