2014 Q1 in Review

April 29th, 2014 by


Winter Summit 2014

In March, the FNF held its 2014 Winter Summit in Austin, TX. We were joined in Austin by operators and activists from Sudo Room in Oakland, WLAN Slovenia, and Los Angeles, and by more friends around the world via telepresence. The Summit focused on refining key documents of the free network movement, specifically the Free Network Definition [LINK] and the Network Commons License [LINK]. It was exhilarating to meet with so many who share our vision and passion, and are already realizing the free network movement in their own communities.

Juniper Gardens

We helped our KCFN partner upgrade their network at Juniper Gardens in late March. The network at Juniper Gardens now connects back to Oak Tower in KCMO, freeing the last remaining part of the KCFN from dependence on incumbent ISPs. Upgrading the network also provided hands-on building experience for Clint and our volunteers. Simultaneous to building the new link, Connecting for Good opened a community tech center across the street from Juniper Gardens, the largest housing project in Kansas, where we hope to hold Hacker Dojo classes in the coming months.


Charles came to Kansas City for a brief hacking sprint this quarter, primarily focused on building AutoTunnel. AutoTunnel is the software solution, still in development, that will provide authentication, encryption, and security services for free networks.


In late March, Isaac attended the LibrePlanet 2014 conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts. LibrePlanet is a meetup of members of the free software community from around the world. While their, Isaac had a chance to meet with free software pioneers including Eben Moglen and FNF Advisory Board member Richard Stallman, with the goal of encouraging their participation in the Free network Definition and the Network Commons License. In February, Isaac presented about free networks at 89plus, a conference for young artists and innovators that was held in Mexico City.

Expanding the KCFN

This quarter, the FNF has participated in the KCFN’s meetings with the Urban Neighborhood Initiative (UNI), a Kansas City group that represents a number of neighborhood associations. UNI seeks to build networks to serve the communities they represent, on the Eastside of KCMO, and the FNF and KCFN are currently helping them to design a pilot program.

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