The Free Network Foundation was formed in the spring of 2011 by Isaac Wilder and Charles Wyble.

  • Isaac Wilder is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Free Network Foundation. He studied Computer Science and Philosophy until 2011, when he left school to pursue free network advocacy full-time.  He is now responsible for the day-to-day operations of the foundation, as well as long-term strategic vision and public advocacy. In addition to writing and speaking on issues of network freedom, Isaac designs, engineers, builds and deploys tools for more democratic networks. He is currently based in Kansas City, MO.
  • Charles Wyble is the co-founder and Technical Director of the Free Network Foundation. He is a systems engineer with 10 years experience designing, implementing and supporting large scale systems in many different industries. He is in charge of architecting the FNF’s enterprise and production networks, as well as engineering hardware and software tools in support of our cause. He resides in Austin, TX.
  • Tyrone Greenfield works as Director of Communications, coordinating activities between the FNF and partner groups, as well as working with media organizations. He also performs administrative tasks for the FNF’s Kansas City operations. He started working with the FNF while studying history in Iowa.
  • James Yox is the FNF’s Director of Technical Operations. In addition to system and network administration, James is responsible for penetration testing and security posture. He works as a software and systems engineer, and is passionate about food, arch linux, and liberty.


For more complete information on the folks involved in this project, please look at the people category on our wiki.

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  4. We are working to roll out a one-to-one computer initiative to our students. Many of them live in the urban core and do not have Internet. Can you work with us to provide Internet services to our students? We are partners with KC Public Library, I would like to include them in developing a solution as well.


    Tom Brenneman
    Executive Director of Technology
    Kansas City Public Schools
    816-695-1091 (Cell)

    • Im liking your ideas, and it sounds awesome. Im so interested in your ideas I would like to here more about it and help if I may .. Im in Tennessee now and like to start something here .

      sincerely , Adrian L.

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